Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

wheel spacers

After a month of living in San Diego, I finally got some money to get my own tool set. I bought the 154 piece mechanics set, jack stands, and also a jack (arcan xl35, the one from costco). I finally installed my spacers (only the rear because I was lazy to do the fronts), and I ran into a problem. First, when I installed them, I didn't care about clearance issues. The tire was obviously touching the fender, and I was thinking "FUCK IT! let it do a natural roll!" I drove it down the street, and I smoked up the whole street and looking like an idiot. Today, I fixed the problem, but I am running full negative camber. the results? the car ended up looking like this.

This was when it was in the air and that's how she sits on the ground.