Friday, July 30, 2010

some little things...

Jason and I went to Speed Element because he needed to his slave cylinder re-drilled, and I went to buy my Deevo Lugs. I still need to get spacer lugs...

I met up with Yuta and Matt at Bryon's house. Then we went to some datsun meet yesterday at the K-Bucks off Lawrence/El Camino in Sunnyvale. I didn't really take any pictures, but I snapped a shot of some guy's sticker which Matt actually liked.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I hope you win

So my buddies sent me a few Kit Kats from Japan and these things are amazingly great! I pretty much killed it all except for one box. Kit Kat candies are very...actually are a huge hit in Japan and the name Kit Kat closely resembles "kitto katsu" meaning "I hope you win" and many students while studying for exams snack on these and parents pack kit kats into their children's lunches as additional good luck for passing their proficiency exams. I know the first thing I'm buying when I go to Japan. I even heard there is a Brandy and Orange flavor.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some shit done to the car...

Matt suggested me a new look and so far i only got 1/4, lol. I could have gotten a Navan bumper but the seller was being a Jew, so I just bought a stock bumper as for a replacement (i really really need a SE lip).

Kouki Side skirts (before I started to do work)

One of them sanded down and being ready to get primered.

Both side-skirts are primered

End Caps done
Sanded front bumper

Side-view of the bumper

Primered front bumper

Side-view of primered bumper

Everything installed (I need an SE LIP!!!!!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

needs to be flush.

My Powered By Max coilovers came in yesterday and I had to chase the UPS driver since he did not leave it in front of my door. After, I went to Matt9000's house to go install them but ended up doing them at Corey's house. Once installed, I was very satisfied on the ride height, which I finally achieved these past three months.

here are the pictures and extra laughs. enjoy!

Powered By Max coilovers!!!!!

Front of car (yes, I know i need a new bumper. I got a different direction to go now :D)

Rear of the car (hella not flush!)

The Extra laughs!!!

My new costume:

Ronald Vs Yuta-box

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rebel Yell!!!!

I went over to matt9000's house to just talk and do whatever the hell we want. We got hungry and went too stutts house to go eat our popeye's chicken and just drink up. We walked to the liquor store and got a bottle of Rebel Yell. Ended up finishing the bottle and Corey had some, which was a very different taste for him. Overall, another successful night of us three just drinking a bottle of Rebel Yell.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

More lower !!!

Last week Mark, Christine, Lowney, Spencer, Gabe, Neka, and I were at Pravi's shop Island Auto to hang. Lowney needed a pair of tires switched from his rear rims and we pretty much egged on Mark to lower his hatch. Neka and Gabe brought a cooler of drinks and later on we got a few pizzas to keep the shenanigans going. Mark kept on assisting that he wasn't going to dump his daily to near asphalt scraping low low, but of course the rest of us wasn't going to have it any other way.

So after going back and forth with Mark yelling at us from the service bay and the rest of us enjoying the pizzas at the front office and parking lot he finally finished adjusting his coilovers with advice from Pravi and slowing rolled his hatch out. Here's how low he brought it to and keep in mine Mark did adjust the coilovers to a lower height there is a difference, but the way I put it into perspective with a little help from my brass knuckles the height still was high. LOL!

The bottom line is with all our hazing and joking around with Mark the main point is to have fun and do what you want to do with your ride whether it be your daily driver or strictly your track car. You can be a sponge and take in all the advice from friends or experts, but it will not matter if you are not happy. Your true friends will instinctively abide by this principle and always respect whatever your decision would be. With this being said, our joking around got even funnier as we all took turns sliding our fists under the front spoiler and showing each other repeatedly how it clears it while saying, "FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!"......good times.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look what arrived today.....and on a Saturday too!!!

So after four months of waiting my TE37s finally arrived. And of all days they were delivered on a Saturday! YEEEEEEEEEEE! Why can't all my packages be delivered on a Saturday so I don't have to worry about whether I'll be home in time to sign from them. These rims are going on the S14 and not the S13. I already have the pair of 18x9.5 +12 for the fronts. Once I have my new factory super black (KH3) paint job and JDM kouki front and rear bumper sets and side skirts installed I'll be rocking these. I notice almost immediately how both boxes have a seal that states, "Power of Japan Product" LOL, damn. Apparently Japan and TE37s are the shit!.....hahaha, actually they are.

I'm not going to open them just yet. So here are the teaser shots. You'll see the actual rims when they are on my S14.


On the way to Tanforan tonight, I decided to record Ron's car on the San Mateo bridge. As you can tell, Godzilla is roaring through the night. My windows were up too, and Ron didn't really step on the gas. I will post another video next time.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I always wanted to contribute in a blog and even better in a blog that belongs to a friend. Well, here it is. I'll be posting pictures of my rides soon. I've been shopping for a dslr camera so now I can shop with urgency. My little digital camera is not going to cut it anymore. I'll use it for now until I can get a dslr. I own a S13 hatch and a kouki S14. I recently bought my S14 as my daily, but my perspective on what a daily driver is more than just leaning towards a track car set is a track car set up. Lowney wanted to feel how my suspension set up was on our last local car meet in Fremont and I could only oblige him ( lol ) with a huge smile. I said, "...let's go let's go now.." That guy was laughing pretty much the entire drive. Lowney kept on repeating, "you got a heavy foot...hahahahah" The suspension is complete and now I'm saving a budget for the body and paint.

I'll eventually be having the S14 body and paint redone, but for now I'm enjoying and getting use to the suspension. Super black (KH3) exterior paint and the body will have almost the entire JDM kouki pieces. Front bumper, signal lights, fog lights, and Greddy lip, I already have the grill, and apparently there are two versions of kouki headlights the only difference is the projectors are larger also the tail lights have two versions. Again , the authentic JDM version with the black trim (the U.S. kouki tail lights have a dark gray trim) and no side or corner lights just the block tail lights. (Thanks Lowney now I ended up buying the JDM kouki headlights and I'm still searching for the JDM tail lights.)I also will have install the side skirts and the rear bumper and the rear valances. No rear truck spoiler. I'm rocking an Origin trunk lip spoiler.

So that's my S14 daily and most definitely more to come.....