Monday, December 27, 2010

what a day back to the bay

the night i arrived in san jose, I stopped by matt's house because he wanted to check out the car. It didn't go to well because matt could not see the paint in the dark. the following day, my family and I went to eat brunch at toppings, their food is really good, I had the bbq chicken that my sister ordered for me (yes, i do have a sister). right after, my older brother wanted to see my car, and he was stoked about how my car came out. After I got done, my brother and i rolled out to matt's house, so he can check it out. Yuta was there and he was really impressed on how the paint came out. me, yuta, my brother, and matt was staring at my car for over an hour.

On christmas day, I went to my sister's boyfriend's house to have dinner with his family, man oh man whatever that shit is called, pisola or someshit, was hella bomb. I wanted to get more but i was stuffed on four tamales and drinking a man mug of vodka and oj. I took my mom home because she felt all sick, so I decided to go to my friend's house where I got silly drunk. between five people, we had a bottle of hennessey and a 12pk of heineken. I haven't gotten drunk like that for awhile. Yesterday, I didn't do shit until at night. me, luis, christina, matt, brian, bryon, and bobby jack went to daly city for the classic bowling shit. we got silly drunk, but bryon was on auto-pilot lol.

that pretty much sums it all up. Today, I got an alignment, thanks to corey, and my new wheels installed. I am going to lower the rear when I get back to san diego because i have that "rake" look.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the night before i leave to norcal

I decided to get gas, and I took two pictures.

Here's a close-up shot of the quality paint

just got my car back

I went to maaco to pick up my car, and I was really fucking stoked! I couldn't believe how the paint came out and everything. I was too damn excited, I fucked up my passenger-side A-pillar when I was putting my sideskirts into the car T___T. I need to buy touch up paint already!

Friday, December 17, 2010

aero came in late and sneak peek!

mmmm my car is ready

I started yesterday off by getting new front tires because the old tires were bald. I started to sand down my car around 3pm and stopped right about 9pm. Today, I did wet-sanded my car before the rain, and I am waiting for my aero to come in, which should be now or within a couple of hours. I hope the aero is not hella off, but enough to get to by. My K's wing should be coming in next week if the guy already sent it two weeks ago. I'll be ordering my ganadors when i receive my last edd check next week.

the best of all, I got hired at Sony Online Entertainment as Tech support, and I should start work sometime beginning of January. 2011 is a big start for,and I hope good things happen from here on.

here are pictures for people who read my piece of shit blog :D