Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in the bay for a weekend

This past weekend, I visited my family because I have not seen them since Christmas/New Years. My original plan was to visit two weeks to surprise my mom for her birthday, but my sister decided that I should come visit the following weekend, so we can celebrate mother/brother/ and my birthday in one day. When I first arrived, my sister picked me up from the airport and went to my sister/mother's new apartment in Campbell. My sister planned on surprising my mom at the apartment and told her that her and Bernardo was coming to visit. I bought flowers for my mom before we were off to the apartment. My sister knocked on the door and when my mom opened the door, I said "SURPRISE!" and my mother got scared and started to cry. She said, " I missed you bunso!" (I think that's how you spell that shit) and I handed her flowers and gave her a hug. I almost cried too because I missed my mom, but I had to hold in the tears (yea shut up, lol). Later on that day, I went to visit my good friend Matt9000 because it was his birthday. We ate at The Burger Pit and holy shit that place is good. Brian and I had the king size top sirloin, while Matt9000 had a fetus size flat iron steak n shit. After that, we decided to go to Barnes n Nobles cuz Matt9000 wanted to buy a tattoo book or some shit. I must say, I was pretty rowdy in the store because we were just laughing at stupid shit.

We decided to go to Corey/Bryon/Yuya/Vlad's place to go drink and shoot pool. We picked up some drinks before hand, and I got myself a tall can of Four Loko XXX Limited Edition Green Apple and a King Cobra. Shot some pool which I sucked horribly at, then went home. The following day, I met with my friend Jesse to go eat at Falafel's Drive-In (god I miss this place so much, and went to my other friend, Jay, to just chat like we used to do when I was living in San Jose. Later that night, I went back home to celebrate our birthdays.

After visiting my family and some friends, I realize how I am homesick. I thought I would never feel this way because I am mainly an outgoing person, and I hate staying home. The fact that I have not seen my brothers/sister/mother for a long time, I actually miss them. On the flight back home, I had a really deep thought about my life that I wonder if I was not alive...Anyways, here are some pictures I took when I was in San Jose:

Moffet Field:

Word Up track (not sure if they had it this past weekend):

Great America:

King Size Top Sirloin at The Burger Pit:

Four Loko XXX Limited Edition Green Apple:

I got a case of BEERS!

I miss Falafel Drive-in:

Last night before I headed back to San Diego:

Good-Bye San Jose:

I wish this was my bed:

Hello San Diego!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

woot woot!

Thanks for the help Jeremy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

excited for this weekend!!!!!

I will be installing my Nismo brace, PBM Tension Rods, and my new horn! I too excited that, I don't feel like going to work tonight, but I need to make money to fund my car.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I should have washed my car...

I went to LA for Mark and Kat's babyshower and pictures.

the rest of the pictures are here: More pictures...

EDIT: just ordered my nismo brace from SPL Parts.

Friday, February 4, 2011

GP Sports Quick Lifter. All awesomeness!

When I first saw this available for purchase I took less than a minute to figure out this would be a huge convenience for me. I won't be needing ramps any more to simply switch wheels when I'm at any track events.

Simply screw the extension to jack the rear of the vehicle and unscrew when you're done.

I'll eventually buy one for my S14.

Breakfast of champions. Deep fried doughy goodness.

What to eat for breakfast? Brewed coffee. Check. Some-what homemade donuts. Check.

Guilt free. Chec.....k. not really. Hey it's Friday! Get off my back!!! lol

That one pack of buttermilk biscuits cost me 40 cents.

After I formed them into donuts and deep fried them I just dumped individually a donut into a bowl of sugar and gave each a shake to remove the excess sugar and abracadabra. Sugar donuts!

And here it is...

I also just came back from PSM to pick up my tension rods.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WTB: s14 JDM Kouki Tail lights

If you know anyone selling them in mint condition, holler at me!!

Thank you very much .......I'll take a couple!

So I had vinyl stickers made. I'll be selling these at the local meets in the SF/Bay Area. The "I KILL THIEVES" size is 10 1/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches and the "LET EM TALK" size is 14 1/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches. Both are available in white, red, and black. $6 each (shipping is included).

If you buy from me in person they are $5 each.

These can be bought through Paypal. My PayPal email is

Don't forget to include your mailing address in the memo box so I know where to send them.

(shirasaya samurai sword is not for sale)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It only took a year or more.

So finally I have my hatchback up and running. Ready for track. The last time this thing saw any track time was when it was relatively stock back in the way early 2000s sometime. On January 30th a few of my friends and friends of friends participated in the NorCal UFO autocross event. I really enjoy this event because of the very chill environment and openness of the organizers for a few of us to drift the autocross course. I prayed for rain and bro did I get my prayers answered cuz it poured. My shoes and socks stay soaked and the tarmac literally felt like glass.
Mark the owner of the other gray kouki hatch and I stayed behind to have a quick photo shoot since the course was cleared of all the orange cones. Everyone else from our group left (as usual)....well too bad for them. lol. Here's a few pictures. This is in Marina adjacent to Monterey Bay.