Sunday, January 9, 2011

what a week.

I started my first day at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE),  and the job is not bad. I do tech support, so customers that call about there problems or anything, I guide them and make sure they are satisfied. Training is not there, you must pay attention when you hover another representative. I wish the job had  food on site, but food is in a vending machine, bring your own lunch, or buy food outside. Overall, I believe I can last in this job. First few days/weeks will be difficult because I am still new to the system. I am sure after next week, I should get used to the system. Only downfall is that, this semester, I'll be going to school/work between 8am-10pm mon-fri. Going to be a stressful semester but hopefully, I can conquer this challenge.

I lowered my car yesterday and accumulated a problem. I lowered my car to the height I wanted to achieve and once done, I hear a clunking noise. I saw that my axles were shot/busted and assumed, "Hmm, I should swap out my axles to fix this problem." Thanks to Jaime, he came with some ratcheting wrenches, big flat head, and vice grip. It took me 5-hours to swap my axles and still had the same problem. Next morning, I re raised my car and still had the same problem. Thanks to Smashed, a member on, has mentioned, "Check the nut on the top-hat." I checked, grabbed a 19" wrench and secured it. I drove off, and "BAM!" problem solved.

After all the useless shit I did, I went to the Palomar Cruise that was held today. I washed my car at a detailed place and my car looked beautiful. The workers did a shitty job on cleaning, which I should have complained, but I was on a tight schedule to meet with Jeremy, Jaime, and Amir for the cruise. Overall, we were late to meet everyone, so we meet everyone at the last stop, Lake Herman or something. I hope, someone took a good photo of my car.

Next weekend, I am going to lower my car and maybe pick up some tension rods from PSM. Depending how my car feels, I will get an alignment also.

The height I will achieve next week:


  1. just stumbled on to your blog from your wordpress. congrats on the new job, make that money man. happy posting, cheers.

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  2. koo, thanks man. I'll be updating more stuff sometime this week or so.