Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in the bay for a weekend

This past weekend, I visited my family because I have not seen them since Christmas/New Years. My original plan was to visit two weeks to surprise my mom for her birthday, but my sister decided that I should come visit the following weekend, so we can celebrate mother/brother/ and my birthday in one day. When I first arrived, my sister picked me up from the airport and went to my sister/mother's new apartment in Campbell. My sister planned on surprising my mom at the apartment and told her that her and Bernardo was coming to visit. I bought flowers for my mom before we were off to the apartment. My sister knocked on the door and when my mom opened the door, I said "SURPRISE!" and my mother got scared and started to cry. She said, " I missed you bunso!" (I think that's how you spell that shit) and I handed her flowers and gave her a hug. I almost cried too because I missed my mom, but I had to hold in the tears (yea shut up, lol). Later on that day, I went to visit my good friend Matt9000 because it was his birthday. We ate at The Burger Pit and holy shit that place is good. Brian and I had the king size top sirloin, while Matt9000 had a fetus size flat iron steak n shit. After that, we decided to go to Barnes n Nobles cuz Matt9000 wanted to buy a tattoo book or some shit. I must say, I was pretty rowdy in the store because we were just laughing at stupid shit.

We decided to go to Corey/Bryon/Yuya/Vlad's place to go drink and shoot pool. We picked up some drinks before hand, and I got myself a tall can of Four Loko XXX Limited Edition Green Apple and a King Cobra. Shot some pool which I sucked horribly at, then went home. The following day, I met with my friend Jesse to go eat at Falafel's Drive-In (god I miss this place so much, and went to my other friend, Jay, to just chat like we used to do when I was living in San Jose. Later that night, I went back home to celebrate our birthdays.

After visiting my family and some friends, I realize how I am homesick. I thought I would never feel this way because I am mainly an outgoing person, and I hate staying home. The fact that I have not seen my brothers/sister/mother for a long time, I actually miss them. On the flight back home, I had a really deep thought about my life that I wonder if I was not alive...Anyways, here are some pictures I took when I was in San Jose:

Moffet Field:

Word Up track (not sure if they had it this past weekend):

Great America:

King Size Top Sirloin at The Burger Pit:

Four Loko XXX Limited Edition Green Apple:

I got a case of BEERS!

I miss Falafel Drive-in:

Last night before I headed back to San Diego:

Good-Bye San Jose:

I wish this was my bed:

Hello San Diego!

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