Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It only took months.....er a year or more.

So finally I have my hatchback up and running. Ready for track. The last time this thing saw any track time was when it was relatively stock back in the way early 2000s sometime. On January 30th a few of my friends and friends of friends participated in the NorCal UFO autocross event. I really enjoy this event because of the very chill environment and openness of the organizers for a few of us to drift the autocross course. I prayed for rain and bro did I get my prayers answered cuz it poured. My shoes and socks stay soaked and the tarmac literally felt like glass.
Mark the owner of the other gray kouki hatch and I stayed behind to have a quick photo shoot since the course was cleared of all the orange cones. Everyone else from our group left (as usual)....well too bad for them. lol. Here's a few pictures. This is in Marina adjacent to Monterey Bay.

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