Sunday, April 3, 2011

it's been awhile that I haven't posted...

Nothing really interesting has come across yet besides the fact that I was in Vegas last weekend. I was pretty much drunk most of the time and saw Above and Beyond at Marquee!!! Sad thing, I didn't really care and still had a blast. Also, I borrowed my friend's glove-set and started to give lightshows which was pretty hilarious. This past weekend, I went to Jeremy's house to help him fit his aero, and I lowered my car in the rear.

Forgot to say, I kicked it with Yuta, Allan, and two other guys (sorry if I forgot your names, I was really tired that night/morning) and Yuta and the other guy took over 100 photos of my car. In the End, these two shots were the ones Yuta wanted to get.

5-days after my car painted and drove back to SJ:

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