Thursday, May 20, 2010

what a thursday.

The past couple days, all I have been doing is watching movies and eating. I had class the other day and I did a very good job on my midterm essay. I got a 9/12 points and the majority of the class got an 8. Today, I dropped of my SE set, so Mr. Schmidt's (my auto teacher in high school) students can swap tires for me. After that, I went to Jaynard's house to lower my car again. I got my height where it was before, and I still want to be lower. I stopped by Matt's house to just chill, and we talked for a good minute. He kind of likes where my car height is right now, but I still want to be lower atleast another 1/2 inch. On the way home, I saw Aries, Red, Tim, Shaun, Alex, Dylan, and Dylan's lady on Capitol Expressway, and we chilled at the bucket. I got home and ate. Now, I am watching "The Perfect Storm" because I have not seen this movie, and I am just killing time. Tomorrow, I have an English Department Final that starts at 2:00pm and it's a time essay. I have no pictures of anything right now, so I will post pictures next time.


Once my tax refund comes in, I going to start prepping my car for paint. Hopefully my next check, I have enough money to get primer.

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