Friday, July 9, 2010


I always wanted to contribute in a blog and even better in a blog that belongs to a friend. Well, here it is. I'll be posting pictures of my rides soon. I've been shopping for a dslr camera so now I can shop with urgency. My little digital camera is not going to cut it anymore. I'll use it for now until I can get a dslr. I own a S13 hatch and a kouki S14. I recently bought my S14 as my daily, but my perspective on what a daily driver is more than just leaning towards a track car set is a track car set up. Lowney wanted to feel how my suspension set up was on our last local car meet in Fremont and I could only oblige him ( lol ) with a huge smile. I said, "...let's go let's go now.." That guy was laughing pretty much the entire drive. Lowney kept on repeating, "you got a heavy foot...hahahahah" The suspension is complete and now I'm saving a budget for the body and paint.

I'll eventually be having the S14 body and paint redone, but for now I'm enjoying and getting use to the suspension. Super black (KH3) exterior paint and the body will have almost the entire JDM kouki pieces. Front bumper, signal lights, fog lights, and Greddy lip, I already have the grill, and apparently there are two versions of kouki headlights the only difference is the projectors are larger also the tail lights have two versions. Again , the authentic JDM version with the black trim (the U.S. kouki tail lights have a dark gray trim) and no side or corner lights just the block tail lights. (Thanks Lowney now I ended up buying the JDM kouki headlights and I'm still searching for the JDM tail lights.)I also will have install the side skirts and the rear bumper and the rear valances. No rear truck spoiler. I'm rocking an Origin trunk lip spoiler.

So that's my S14 daily and most definitely more to come.....


  1. haha no problem ron. one day this blog will be out there and others will be reading this d:D

  2. yup, I totally enjoy this more than just being on forums....I can see this blog eventually getting more exposure. As soon as I got home I started installing a trunk brace from GTSPEC, giving my wiper arms a fresh coat of paint, fixing that gap at the front bumper, and replacing the factory interior bulbs with LEDs from AutoStage in San Jose.