Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look what arrived today.....and on a Saturday too!!!

So after four months of waiting my TE37s finally arrived. And of all days they were delivered on a Saturday! YEEEEEEEEEEE! Why can't all my packages be delivered on a Saturday so I don't have to worry about whether I'll be home in time to sign from them. These rims are going on the S14 and not the S13. I already have the pair of 18x9.5 +12 for the fronts. Once I have my new factory super black (KH3) paint job and JDM kouki front and rear bumper sets and side skirts installed I'll be rocking these. I notice almost immediately how both boxes have a seal that states, "Power of Japan Product" LOL, damn. Apparently Japan and TE37s are the shit!.....hahaha, actually they are.

I'm not going to open them just yet. So here are the teaser shots. You'll see the actual rims when they are on my S14.

1 comment:

  1. good shit ron!!! i just found out that my coilovers won't be shipped out until next friday (they come in monday/tuesday).

    you finally grew some balls to run 18s, nice!