Sunday, July 11, 2010

More lower !!!

Last week Mark, Christine, Lowney, Spencer, Gabe, Neka, and I were at Pravi's shop Island Auto to hang. Lowney needed a pair of tires switched from his rear rims and we pretty much egged on Mark to lower his hatch. Neka and Gabe brought a cooler of drinks and later on we got a few pizzas to keep the shenanigans going. Mark kept on assisting that he wasn't going to dump his daily to near asphalt scraping low low, but of course the rest of us wasn't going to have it any other way.

So after going back and forth with Mark yelling at us from the service bay and the rest of us enjoying the pizzas at the front office and parking lot he finally finished adjusting his coilovers with advice from Pravi and slowing rolled his hatch out. Here's how low he brought it to and keep in mine Mark did adjust the coilovers to a lower height there is a difference, but the way I put it into perspective with a little help from my brass knuckles the height still was high. LOL!

The bottom line is with all our hazing and joking around with Mark the main point is to have fun and do what you want to do with your ride whether it be your daily driver or strictly your track car. You can be a sponge and take in all the advice from friends or experts, but it will not matter if you are not happy. Your true friends will instinctively abide by this principle and always respect whatever your decision would be. With this being said, our joking around got even funnier as we all took turns sliding our fists under the front spoiler and showing each other repeatedly how it clears it while saying, "FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!"......good times.

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