Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lake Miramar and some car stuff

Lately, I made a decision that will hopefully will change me. I started running again (atleast 2miles a day), and these past two days, I have been running at Lake Miramar. The view is very beautiful because I cannot stand running in a building.

Today, I stopped by Parts Shop Max to pick up the spline lug nuts and collars (thanks to Dan), so I can be ready to put on the wheels that I purchased recently. I bought 17/18 staggered MB Battles which are in good condition. I am also thinking of going clear lenses/corners once I get my car painted.

Here are pictures, so it can be somewhat entertaining.

Lake Miramar (Sorry for shitty iphone pictures)

Here is a picture of the lake:

Parts Shop Max Spline lug nuts and collars:

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  1. I wish PBM made those lug nuts in other colors. Like their breather tanks.